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Mapping guidance

Sedgwick Club members have been recording feedback on their mapping areas for the last few years, to aid other members pick a mapping area for their Part II project.

If you want to be an awesome person and provide feedback for your mapping project, please fill in this form here.
The Club and the Department always appreciates more feedback regarding mapping locations.

Adding the feedback submitted over the last few years is an ongoing task, and is dependent on the processing of new feedback by the Sedgwick Club and the uploading of feedback to the Earth Sciences Library website. As such, feedback for a given area may be unavailable.

An interactive map is provided with previously mapped locations. Feedback is available where provided. If you would like guidance with selecting a location for a mapping project, we would advise speaking to Part IIs and IIIs in the Department (or get in touch with the committee), or speaking to Sarah at the Earth Sciences Library.

The deadline for ordering mapping pens has passed.