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Various advice pages that have been written by the Sedgwick Club over the years.

Mapping Guidance

Sedgwick Club members have been recording feedback on their mapping areas for the last few years, to help other members pick an area for their Part II project.

The Club and Department always appreciate more feedback regarding mapping locations. If you would like to provide feedback, follow this link.

An interactive map is provided below with previously mapped locations, which can also be found on the library website with a collection of archived projects. Feedback is available where provided.

If you would like guidance with selecting a location for a mapping project, we would advise speaking to Part IIs, Part IIIs, the committee, or Sarah at the Earth Sciences Library.

A form for providing mapping feedback and an index of collected feedback is available here. Feedback for an area can be found here if it is not available on the map.

A Raven login is required to view and submit feedback.

PhD Advice

Many members of the Sedgwick Club have gone on to do PhDs. Here's what various members of the Class of 2018 had to say about things.

Staying in the UK

Kathryn Dodds

Carrie Soderman

Kev Wong

Sophie Baldwin

Going abroad

Xenia Boyes (USA)

Guides from Thin Section

Here are some tongue-in-cheek guides that have been written for Thin Section, the Club's newsletter.

How to pass your (IA) exams. Written by Kev Wong (Easter 2017, Issue 1).

For those who are considering taking IB Earth Sciences. Written by Kev Wong (Easter 2017, Issue 2).

A guide to planning a mapping project. Written by Kev Wong (Michaelmas 2017, Issue 2).