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Michelmas Events 2017

IB Swap

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The annual Sedgwick Club IB Swap is occurring on Wednesday 25th October, 8pm, at the classic Swap location, Miso (Sesame). Rates are expected to be £10 BYOB with food and £5 BYOB without food. The theme this year is 'in the field', so rock up in your best field gear (or whatever you think is appropriate for fieldwork).

Extraordinary General Meeting

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An extraordinary general meeting of the Club shall be held at 1pm in the Department Library on Monday 30th October. Come along to the only one of these called in the Club's history, and see democracy in action.

MMT Launch

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Celebrate the launch of this year's MMT (for details, see History) in the Earth Sciences Common Room on 8th November at 7.30pm. The Launch also features the Pub Quiz, featuring the infamous cocktails of ES Librarian Sarah.

Careers Event

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The annual Careers event will be held in the common room on 21st November from 5 to 7, with the first half-hour for IA Earth Scientists only. Dinner at Pizza Express afterwards; contact the committee for signup details.

Christmas Ceilidh

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The final event of 2017; celebrate a successful term with the Department Christmas Ceilidh in the IA lab on Friday 1st December! Dancing likely to start from 7ish. Hosted by the Sedgwick Club and Department Happy Hour.