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Easter Term Events 2017

Two major Club events are occurring this term: the Annual Photograph and the Garden Party.

Annual Photograph

Annual photo banner

The annual Sedgwick Club photograph is occurring on Thursday 18th May, 12.45pm (weather permitting), on the Archaeology and Anthropology lawn (outside the Department). The perfect event to go to if you want your face immortalised on the side of a corridor in the Department.

We are also pleased to announce that stash will be distributed the same day. Times to follow, but people will likely be around in the morning to dispense it.

Garden Party

Garden party banner

The yearly Sedgwick Club Garden Party / May Ball / Thing-with-a-BBQ is occurring on Thursday 22nd June, from 12.30pm.

This is the perfect time to chill and chat with your fellow students after the stress of exams, and to get to know people from other years that you've seen floating around the Department.

To buy a ticket find a member of the committee to pay cash, or email the committee treasurer to get details for bank transfer. Tickets are £5.00, or £6.00 at the door.