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Lent Events 2017


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Brace yourselves. MMT is happening. Meet in the Department Common Room Friday 19th January, 5pm. We will return by 1pm on Sunday. Pack sports gear, trainers and towels, and also weather-appropriate clothing (over the weekend many different extremes of weather are expected around the country). Stop will be made at a supermarket beforehand to stock up on food. Spaces still available; contact the committee for details

Sedgwick Club Conference 2018

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This year's annual conference is on Friday 16th March, and features a host of speakers talking about a wide variety of Earth Sciences topics.

The poster for the Conference can be found here.

The speakers are:

Watching the World's Volcanoes
Dr. Juliet Biggs (University of Bristol)

A Better Life with a Healthy Planet: Pathways to Net-Zero Emissions
David Hone (Chief Climate Change Advisor, Shell)

Listening to the waves beneath the waves: the evolution of hearing in Cetacea
Dr. Travis Park (Natural History Museum)

The accretion of the Earth and segregation of it's core: an experimental geochemistry perspective
Dr. Eleanor Jennings (Birkbeck,, University of London)

The Mid-Pliocene Warm Period as a Pseudo-Analog for Future Climate Change
Dr. Heather Ford (University of Cambridge)

Mars: The Prohibition Planet (because it's dry, cold and lacking in atmosphere, a bit like my local Spoons)
Dr. Jon Wade (University of Oxford)

Registration is open: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

Registration for dinner is also found through the same link; places are limited so reserve your place early.