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Here are a selection of links that may be of interest. Please let us know if you find a website that other members of the Sedgwick Club may be interested in.

For students

If you are a student at the Department of Earth Sciences, you may find the following useful for reference.

Earth Sciences Library
The department library website. Provides really easy access to ebooks and journals, as well as reading lists for all Parts.

IA Online Reference
An online collection of the rock, mineral, and fossil specimens found in the IA lab.

For mapping

NASA DEMs (Digital Elevation Models)
A source for finding Digital Elevation Models from which topographic contours can be extracted. Especially useful if you've just finished a mapping project and need shapefiles for topography...
(Find out how to do this on QGIS here.)

Extracting Open Street Map Data
Here you can select an area to export Open Street Map data as a shapefile. Useful for putting roads, rivers, and buildings onto your GIS map.

For revision


Tree of life
Useful if you can't remember where Eozoans, Protostomes, or trilobites fit into it all!

Invertebrate Palaentology Image Gallery
For all those fossils you thought you'd drawn well in the lab but hadn't.

GB3D Type Fossils Online
A single database of type specimens held in British collections (including the Sedgwick Museum) including high-resolution photos and 3D models.

Plant evolution through geological time
A comprehensive guide to plant evolution.


Contains many resources associated with sedimentary geology, including lots of useful animations describing sequence stratigraphy.


Mineralogy Database
A database containing 4714 different mineral species, with links and photos.

Popular geology

London Pavement Geology
A guide to the geology of London's buildings, as seen from the pavement. Also includes many useful links to sites about Urban Geology.

Some links suggested by visitors to the site!

A guide with links to gemology.

What is Gemology?
An in-depth look into gemology, including gemology as a career.

All About Dinosaurs and Fossils
An elementary guide to fossils and fossilisation processes, as suggested by the students of Lyndhurst STEM Club.

Earth Science, Geology and the Formation of Diamonds
A resource discussing branches of Earth Sciences, careers in geology, and the formation of diamonds.