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Carrie Soderman
St. John's

Vice President

Beth Jackson


Helen Gildersleeves


Kev Wong
Corpus Christi

Social Secretary

Ben Johnson

Talks Officer

Charlie Eardley

Past committees can be found here.


Elections for the committee are held annually near the end of Lent Term. Each committee serves for one year.

Any number of candidates from second and third years of the Department of Earth Sciences who are members of the Club can put themselves forward for election by contacting the President during Election Season. The candidates are expected to produce an election poster (which need not be serious or binding in any way) and also participate in a special election questionaire in the newsletter 'Thin Section'.

The voting system is based on single transferable vote. The six candidates with the most votes are then elected onto the committee, with committee position then selected in order of vote total (i.e candidate with the most votes selects their committee position first, then candidate with second-most votes and so on).