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Typical Event calendar

Michaelmas Term

IB Swap
Held near the start of term, the IB Swap is a social event at which IB Earth Scientists joining the Department can meet some of their peers in the upper years.

Careers Event
The Careers Event is the only University of Cambridge event to offer careers advice and opportunities specifically for Earth Scientists. Followed by the Careers Dinner.

MMT Launch
An evening social and pub quiz to celebrate the launch of the Magical Mystery Tour.

Christmas Ceilidh
Christmas events are co-hosted with Department Happy Hour. For the past few years we have hosted a Department Celidh in the IA lab.

Lent Term

The Magical Mystery Tour (MMT)
A weekend away... somewhere. Open to all members of the Sedgwick Club.

Elections for the new committee are held on the last week of term.

Sedgwick Club Conference
The Club's annual research conference, featuring speakers from across the UK representing all disciplines, and a poster session for Part III students. The posters for some past conferences can be found here: 2018; 2019.

Easter Term

IA Arran Reunion Lunches
An opportunity for IA Earth Scientists to meet the Sedgwick Club representatives and staff members, and see what Earth Sciences can offer in Part IB and beyond.

Annual Photograph
Want to be featured in this year's photo? In your last year and want to remember your time here? Keep your eyes and ears open for this.

Garden Party
An end-of-year celebration! Usually held during May Week.

Throughout the Year

Sedgwick Club Talks
These are held weekly on Monday evenings in Michaelmas and Lent terms. Visit the Talks page for more information.

Board Games
Join us every few weeks for an evening of fun and games in the Common Room.