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Previous Committees

This is a list of recent committee members.

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2021 – 2022

President James Craig St. Catharine's
Vice President Felix Davison St. John's
Secretary Korina Chapman Trinity Hall
Treasurer Stella Johnson Christ's
Social Secretary Jack Saville King's
Talks Officer Eloise Matthews St. Catharine's

2020 – 2021

President Saffy Thorn King's
Vice President Natasha Franklin Gonville and Caius
Secretary Joseph Benson Corpus Christi
Treasurer Gemma Shaw Jesus
Social Secretary Amy Folkard Corpus Christi
Talks Officer James Craig St. Catharine's

2019 – 2020

President Catherine Boddy Murray Edwards
Vice President Andrew Sheat Emmanuel
Secretary Peter Methley Selwyn
Treasurer Khalil Sham Gonville & Caius
Social Secretary Saffy Thorn King's
Talks Officer Natalie Forrest Corpus Christi

2018 – 2019

President Sophie Baldwin Newnham
Vice President Nikki Sridhar Murray Edwards
Secretary Kasparas Vasiliauskas Churchill
Treasurer Seán Herron Magdalene
Social Secretary Damien Teague Corpus Christi
Talks Officer Ben Johnson Trinity

2017 – 2018

President Carrie Soderman St. John's
Vice President Bethany Jackson Jesus
Secretary Helen Gildersleeves Queens'
Treasurer Kev Wong Corpus Christi
Social Secretary Ben Johnson Trinity
Billie Howorth (Easter '17) Newnham
Talks Officer Charlie Eardley Queens'

2016 – 2017

President Dan Spencer Churchill
Vice President Alice Pullen Clare
Secretary Nick Tubbs Jesus
Treasurer Greg Palmer King's
Social Secretary Billie Howorth Newnham
Talks Officer Alex Lipp Queens'

2015 – 2016

President Richard Stockey Christ's
Vice President Ellie Mestel Christ's
Secretary Alice Pullen Clare
Treasurer Richard Turley Homerton
Social Secretary Dan Spencer Churchill
Talks Officer Matouš Ptáček Girton

2014 – 2015

President Richard Turley Homerton
Vice President Simon Matthews St. Catharine's
Secretary Ellie Mestel Christ's
Treasurer Harriet Christie Murray Edwards
Social Secretary Geraint Northwood-Smith Homerton
Talks Officer Jack Wright Girton

2013 – 2014

President Auriol Rae Selwyn
Vice President Tom McCormick-Cox Fitzwilliam
Secretary Simon Matthews St. Catharine's
Treasurer Ery Hughes Pembroke
Social Secretary Jack Jervoise Churchill
Talks Officer Steve Pates Homerton

2012 – 2013

President Robert Owen St. Catharine's
Vice President Jo Hall Gonville & Caius
Secretary Rachael Bloomfield Newnham
Treasurer Richard E. Smith Selwyn
Social Secretary Tom McCormick-Cox Fitzwilliam
Talks Officer Lois Salem Clare

2011 – 2012

President Charlotte Schoonman Pembroke
Vice President Christine Yallup Sidney Sussex
Secretary Joshua Hall Robinson
Treasurer Pedro Waterton Emmanuel
Social Secretary Robert Owen St. Catharine's
Talks Officer Ekbal Hussain Pembroke

2010 – 2011

President Erin Earl Clare
Vice President Charlotte Schoonman Pembroke
Secretary Marie Cavitte Homerton
Treasurer Rachel Ledden Newnham
Social Secretary Pedro Waterton Emmanuel

2009 – 2010

President David Neave Queens'
Vice President Erin Earl Clare
Secretary Hannah Mottram Clare
Treasurer Rachel Ledden Newnham
Social Secretary Gareth Fabbro Fitzwilliam
Talks Officer Samantha Simic Queens'

2008 – 2009

President Anne Forbes Newnham
Vice President Sarah Ritchie Corpus Christi
Secretary Christina M. Kelly Fitzwilliam
Treasurer Victoria C. Rennie Selwyn
Social Secretary Jack E. O. Hoyes Corpus Christi
Talks Officer Philip T. Bateman Clare

2007 – 2008

President Robert Myhill Peterhouse
Vice President Anne Forbes Newnham
Secretary Julia L. Kingsbury New Hall
Treasurer Mark Logie Clare
Social Secretary Katrina Jones Trinity Hall
Talks Officer Ajay Mistry Robinson

2006 – 2007

President Victoria M. Price New Hall
Vice President Robert Myhill Peterhouse
Secretary Vicky Wright Gonville & Caius
Treasurer Nicholas Borner Pembroke
Social Secretary Robert McDonald Gonville & Caius
Talks Officer Michelle Pope St. John's


This list has been assembled using the Sedgwick Club photos displayed in the department.

2005 – 2006

President S. F. L. Watt
Vice President C. Wasse
Treasurer T. Conway
Social Secretary T. Race
Publicity N Kosman

2004 – 2005

President D. E. J. Hobley
Vice President S. F. L. Watt
Secretary J. R. Elliot
Treasurer J. H. Knibbs
Social Secretary H. A. Warrington
Publicity A. Wilson

2003 – 2004

President K. Nicholson
Secretary T. Russon
Treasurer D. E. J. Hobley


President K. R. Hendry
Vice President N. M. Lang
Secretary R. J. Reed
Social Secretary K. J. Richardson

2001 – 2002

President C. S. C. Slater
Vice President K. R. Hendry
Secretary C. Laythorpe
Treasurer I. Rider
Social Secretary K. Randall
Computer Officer S. Pegg

2000 – 2001

President J. Moore
Vice President R. Coggon
Secretary C. Gill
Treasurer C. Claythorpe
Social Secretary J. Heathcote
Computer Officer J. Stevenson

1999 – 2000

President N. Sime
Secretary L. Hetherington
Treasurer J. M. Warren
Social Secretary J. Dunnington

1998 – 1999

President L. J. McGee
Vice President L. M. MacKay
Secretary C. Ashton
Treasurer J. M. Warren
Social Secretary N. Sime
Liason Officer D. Shewan

1997 – 1998

President L. J. McGee
Vice President L. M. MacKay
Secretary C. Ashton
Treasurer J. M. Warren
Social Secretary N. Sime
Computer Officer D. Shewan

1996 – 1997

President J. Brett
Vice President N. Whitley
Secretary C. Ferry
Treasurer J. Blower
Social Secretary M. Goldsworthy
Computer Officer D. French

1995 – 1996

President C. Byers
Vice President N. Valentine
Secretary C. Harford
Treasurer I. Lunt
Social Secretary B. Cox

1994 – 1995

President B. Reynolds
Vice President A. Brocklehurst
Treasurer D. Barnett
Social Secretary M. Burren

1993 – 1994

President C. I. Prince
Vice President D. A. Griffiths
Secretary J. P. Rogers
Treasurer P. Raine
Social Secretary A. C. Booker

1992 – 1993

President A. Foster
Secretary F. Nimmo
Treasurer E. Mahar
Social Secretary D. A. Griffiths

1991 – 1992

Co-President L. Stranks
Co-President S. Thornley
Secretary F. Worrall
Treasurer G. Costigan
Social Secretary H. Green

1990 – 1991

Co-President D. A. Sinclair
Co-President I. M. Myles
Treasurer R. M. G. Bond
Social Secretary C. J. Mellor

1989 – 1990

Co-President K. A. Jenkins
Co-President N. K. Lawson
Secretary J. A. Massey
Treasurer P. S. Groombridge
Social Secretary V. J. Sturrock

1988 – 1989

President C. Mandeville
Secretary K. Ermine
Treasurer D. Barker
Social Secretary H. Fraser

1987 – 1988

President G. Schofield
Secretary J. Garbutt
Treasurer M. Burnham
Social Secretary G. Wall

1986 – 1987

President N. V. Ellis
Secretary D. Neale
Treasurer A. M. Whittingham

1985 – 1986

President C. M. M. Oppenheimer
Secretary S. H. Bamforth
Treasurer K. A. Mews

1984 – 1985

President N. M. Swinburne
Secretary J. P. Hendry
Treasurer A. P. Simpson

1983 – 1984

President L. E. Spoman
Secretary I. E. Taylor
Treasurer E. A. Warren

1982 – 1983

President J. P. Richards
Secretary A. D. K. Marshall
Treasurer M. J. Whitehouse

1981 – 1982

President S. Clark
Secretary R. Oglethorpe
Treasurer L. Moore

1980 – 1981

Co-President J. Wheeler
Co-President G. M. Apps.
Treasurer T. H. Nebelside
Unspecified committee member R. S. Harrison

1978 – 1979

Co-President Y. N. Clarke
Co-President P. C. Jackson
Treasurer H. E. Stace

1974 – 1975

President A. W. Wood
Treasurer A. M. Graham

1972 – 1973

President G. Draper
Vice President E. Nisbet
Secretary D. D. Clark-Howes

1971 – 1972

President C. D. Hutchinson
Vice President D. G. Smith
Secretary I. D. Woollen

1970 – 1971

President D. W. Wright
Vice President J. O'Deu
Secretary P. A. Randall

1969 – 1970

President M. J. Bickle
Vice President M. J. P. Welland
Secretary W. B. Jones

1968 – 1969

President D. G. Smith
Secretary J. B. Ashworth

1967 – 1968

President M. J. P. Welland
Vice President B. E. Lock
Secretary P. D. Alexander-Marrack

1966 – 1967

President I. A. D. Sweetman
Vice President K. Howells
Secretary J. V. Macadam

1965 – 1966

President D. J. W. Piper
Secretary K. D. Lake

1964 – 1965

President P. B. Greenwood
Vice President D. W. Holliday
Secretary A. M. Jenkinson

1963 – 1964

President I. E. Scholey
Vice President C. R. C. Paul
Secretary J. E. Dixon

1962 – 1963

President M. A. Atherton
Secretary T. A. Davies

1961 – 1962

President F. J. Vine
Secretary M. Moody-Stuart

1960 – 1961

President R. A. Gayer
Secretary I. G. M. C. K. Parker

1959 – 1960

President I. P. Nixon
Secretary M. S. Thornton

1958 – 1959

President P. J. Brenchley
Secretary P. R. Simpson

1956 – 1957

President J. H. Latter
Secretary M. D. Fuller

1955 – 1956

President J. D. Hudson
Secretary P. F. Friend

1954 – 1955

President A. Hallam
Secretary D. M. Wright

1953 – 1954

President G. C. Band
Secretary A. Hallam

1952 – 1953

President Miss J. M. Tolliday
Secretary A. G. Cockbain

1951 – 1952

President A. G. Darnley
Secretary M. J. S. Rudwick

1950 – 1951

President E. Irving
Secretary H. A. K. Charlesworth

1949 – 1950

President R. Barrass
Secretary A. J. Wells

1948 – 1949

President H. M. Pantin
Secretary J. S. Page

1947 – 1948

President D. M. Shaw
Secretary L. F. Penny

1946 – 1947

President T. G. Miller
Secretary J. E. T. Horne

1945 – 1946

President J. W. Beales
Secretary J. D. Muir

1944 – 1945

President J. A. Brookbank
Secretary J. R. Butler

1943 – 1944

President P. J. R. Bambury
Secretary G. D. Nicholls

1942 – 1943

President Miss K. B. Tyrrell
Secretary R. B. Wright

1941 – 1942

President A. K. Gupta
Secretary A. Cook

1940 – 1941

President S. V. Illing
Secretary B. H. Mottram

1938 – 1939

President R. W. Hey BA
Secretary P. Fitzgerald Moore

1937 – 1938

President Mrs S. A. Argell
Secretary M. Perks

1935 – 1936

President C. H. O'Brien

1934 – 1935

President T. H. Bower
Secretary W. D. V. Jones

1933 – 1934

President A. H. Christie
Secretary S. C. C. Sims

1932 – 1933

President H. G. Maule
Secretary H. R. Tainsh

1931 – 1932

President A. R. Sillie
Secretary R. G. Kurma

1930 – 1931

President Miss C. Richardson
Secretary G. T. Ranken

1928 – 1929

President Miss K. M. N. Paterson
Secretary F. H. Outram

1927 – 1928

President J. A. Hunt
Secretary W. S. S. Flemming

1926 – 1927

President Miss M. S. Hope
Secretary F. W. Shotton

1925 – 1926

President S. R. Wager
Secretary H. S. Falcon

1924 – 1925

President J. B. Woolley
Secretary J. B. Anden

1923 – 1924

President F. Coles Phillips
Secretary O. T. Farrer

1922 – 1923

President Miss G. E. Coit
Secretary B. B. Parry

1919 – 1920

President E. W. Ravenshear

1913 – 1914

President R. D. U. B. Evans

1912 – 1913

President J. M. Wordie
Secretary H. M. Sale

1911 – 1912

President H. T. Kennedy
Secretary P. K. Jewson

1909 – 1910

President B. T. Holden

1908 – 1909

President (?) Campbell-Smith
Secretary E. S. Pinfold

1902 – 1903

President C. H. B. Epps.

1900 – 1901

President S. A. S. King
Secretary C. St.A. Coles

1899 – 1900

President S. E. Brown
Secretary E. E. Walker

1898 – 1899

President Prof. T. Mc.K. Hughes
Secretary O. W. Richardson

1897 – 1898

President E. G. Peake

1896 – 1897

President A. Stevenson
Secretary G. A(?). (?)urlane

1890 – 1891

President F. H. Barday
Secretary D. H. Moore

1889 – 1890

President G. J. Gardiner
Secretary E. A. Peters

1884 – 1885

President A. C. Sweard
Secretary J. W. Carr